The Magic School Board - Children Trick English Version

The Magic School Board - Children Trick English Version
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The Magic School Board - Children Trick English Version


The best Magic Trick for Children ever. With plenty action, fun and laughter.


"Do you have still a blackboard at school? Or will I find there now a giant Ipad ..." Even this question brings the children to laugh and of course they will explain, there is still a blackboard at school.

"Do you know - I told my teacher at school: I can write with white chalk each color. What color we take? ". Then there will be a big mess of colors - and red is always there. "OK, let's take red. That's how it goes."

The magician pulls out a school board, on which the word "RED" is written in white chalk paint. After the laughter of the children the magician says: "That's what my teacher also said. So we need a magic word. "After the cheers they agree, for example, on Simsalabim. The Magician puts the panel behind the back, all the children call Simsalabim - and when the panel comes out again, the word RED is written in red colour.

"That's great, we do the same again." Again, the panel comes up behind the back, again all children are the magic word. And if the board again comes forward, RED is written again in white colour.

It will not take long, the children will shout “turn”. The magician turns around, but he but holds the panel in the same direction to the children. Eventually the children call "turn the table". The magician turns it around so that the writing now is turned upside down.

Until the children say they want to see the back. "NO". Yes - no - yes - no - continues the play. Until the magician explains: "That, unfortunately not possible. Because on the back, I had an image of my teacher painted. Uuuhh, if she would have seen that ... "So saying, and turns the board around, where a funny picture of the teacher is painted ....

5 minutes great fun for the kids with much success and laughter, but only small baggage.

You get the magical schoolboard, made in very good PVD Plastic. So it will last long time. The size is 23x16 cm, big enough for stage shows and small enough for small children-shows in the livingroom.

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